Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Obvious Signs of Instability
Recent Avalanches-YES-nothing on Sunburst but noticed several avalanches in the
D1-D2 range on Tincan between 2-4pm (see photo #1)
Shooting Cracks-none observed
Collapsing/Whoompfing- 1 notable around 2,500’ ~50’ radius

Calm wind, no precip, mild temps-in the 20sF, valley fog (see photo #2).

Surface Observations
Thick 2” rain crust @ 1,000’
Rain crust dissipated by ~1,800’
1” light density snow up to ~2,500’
2-4” light density snow up to 3,500’ (aka fun skiing!)

The New Year’s storm finished ‘right side up’. The high winds of News Year’s
eve created a variable new slab around the mountains but the storm ended with
cooler temps, calm winds and snow (in the higher elevations). Rain runnels
visible in the lower elevations, up to 1,200’.

Snowpack Observations
Bonding between the New Year’s storm snow and the old snow appears to be good.

Tests today proved to show medium to high strength.
This correlates with medium to low likelihood of triggering an avalanche.

Tests also showed high propagation propensity.
This correlates to potential avalanches having the ability to propagate across
entire slopes.
This also correlates to consequences being high (injured/buried)

Pit #1
WSW, 30 deg slope
ECTP 18 65cm/25” down on 2mm facets below the ‘drizzle crust’

Pit #2
WSW, 34 deg slope
ECTP 24 80cm/30” down on facets below the ‘drizzle crust’
HS=120cm (previous wind loading)

Pit #3 (see photo #3)
SW, 25 deg slope
ECTP 15 45cm/17” down on 2mm facets

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