Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Toured up to Taylor pass and then up the ridge to Sunburst. At low elevations there was about 6-12″ of wet snow on the surface. Above 2500′ the snow surface only had a thin crust with dry snowpack below that. We found the buried surface hoar about 2.5′ deep but did not get concerning results in our stability tests.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly cloudy in the morning with blue holes, then mostly sunny in the afternoon. Temps were in the mid 30s at the road and felt very warm in the sun even at upper elevations. Calm winds.

Snow surface

Wet snow at low elevations about 6-12" deep. At 1500' there was a 1" thick melt freeze crust that formed overnight. Higher up the crust on the surface was very supportable with less than an inch of new snow on top.


We dug a pit at 3700' on a west aspect and found a very strong snowpack. There were no concerning results during our stability tests, but afterwards we pried the block off with a shovel and it cleanly fractured on a layer of buried surface hoar about 2.5' deep. The layers on either side of the surface hoar were firm (1F to P) and we did not see the BSH in the snowpit until it popped out with the shovel. Overall that layer does not seem very reactive right now, but definitely still worth keeping track of as the season progresses.

Photos & Video
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