Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Obvious Signs of Instability
Recent Avalanches-none observed
Shooting Cracks- none observed
Collapsing/Whoompfing- 1 small around 2,000’. 15’ radius

above freezing up to 2,500’
mostly cloudy skies
light winds out of the South
no precip

Surface Obs
Wet snow surface 1,000-2,000. Wet layer 3”
2” of new dense snow (from 1/6)

Snowpack obs

We dug today at the same locations as 1/5 to see how the snowpack has changed over the past 2 days.
See VIDEO for Pit #1 @ 2,500. Strength scores were similar, in the 15-20 range. Fracture character
changed slightly, as columns were not popping into pits. However, propagation was still evident and
consistent in tests. Propagation in tests is showing us that avalanches still have the potential to be
large and take out large areas of slab (across entire slopes).

1 pit @ 2,800’ revealed a layer of buried surface hoar 50cm/20” down. ECTP15 SP on this layer. There
was surface hoar observed (on the surface) on Dec 27th. This is a problem that exists in pockets and is
not widespread.

Photos & Video
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