Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Traveled from 800-2300ft on Sunburst ridge

Signs of Instability:
Recent Avalanches: None observed
Cracking: one small 4ft crack in wind loaded pocket below tree line
Collapsing: None observed

Grey/cloudy, low visibility
Moderate winds from the East

Surface Observations:
800-1700ft: 10 to 15cm new snow on crust
1700-2300ft: Wind effected, from crusty surfaces to wind loaded pockets of upside down snow, not representative of wind slabs that were forming on W to SW aspects.

Snowpack observations:
Dug 2 pits at 2300ft on SW aspect in wind protected location

75cm of right side up snow on a crust with 25cm of chained faceted snow beneath this is still a layer of concern and has the potential for propagation. One pit had a layer of buried surface hoar that
was 42cm down that showed potential for propagation.

ECTP21 SC depth= 75cm on 2mm basal facets
ECTP20 depth= 42cm on buried surface hoar

Multiple hand shears on isolation, at various elevations above 1700ft in wind loaded pockets, from 15 to 20cm in depth.