Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Toured up the standard uptrack from the sunburst parking lot. Variable conditions ranging from stiff windboard, to 2cm stiff wind skin, to wind deposited soft snow. Went out with intentions to dig and had a challenging time looking for a representative spot that was not wind hammered on the NW aspect of Sunburst.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Found lots of windeffect from the 12/23 NW wind event.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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23 degrees at the car at 10am. Broken clouds in the morning and expected increased cloud cover through the afternoon. Stayed broken clouds and no precip through the afternoon. Calm winds and temps increased to 26 back at car at 2:30pm.

Snow surface

Top 3cm of snow was new snow from late 12/24 that was unconsolidated. Below that was a variety of wind effect from the previous few days. Felt pretty locked in. It ranged from wind board to stiff wind skin. Ski Pen ranging from 0-10cm. Ski quality poor.


Dug pit at 1670 ft, NW Aspect on a 20 degree slope. Total depth 140cm

ECTX (x2)
PST 50/100 END on facets 88cm down.

Did get CT21 on a density change 43cm down and facets 71cm down.
Had to throw out because of twig... )=

Facets seem to be gaining some cohesion when attempted to be snowballed.

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