Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Common uptrack

Parking in the Turnagain Pass corridor is limited

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly calm with moderate gusts from the northeast
Low visibility & shadowless vertigo inducing conditions
Light snowfall started at 4p

Snow surface

In the Alpine the riding was difficult on the leeward side (WSW aspect) with 2"-6" of wind stiffened surface snow above soft low density snow.
Below 2000' in the trees the top 2' of snow was right-side up.

While setting the up-track we encountered a few small pockets of wind slab on the Sunburst ridge - nothing more than 6" thick. It mostly crumbled beneath skis, but we had a couple spots where it cracked further ahead 5'. These wind slabs were sitting atop soft unconsolidated snow.


Sunburst at 3150'
WSW aspect
Ski/Boot pen.: 30cm/60cm
ECTP27 ↓45cm on 0.5-1mm MLK jr facets
No evidence of the NYE crust

Sunburst at 1900'
West aspect
Ski/Boot pen.: 30cm/60cm
ECTP26 ↓45cm on 0.5-1mm MLK jr facets
2mm thick NYE crust ↓80cm surrounded by 1cm of loose facets (2mm) above and below

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