Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Standard uptrack to 3200′ on Sunburst west ridge. 8-12″ low density snow on surface made for exceptional skiing. Semi supportable rain crust from 12/31 (pre cold front) disappears above 2400′. Was a busy day in the backcountry with smiles all around!

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No red flags observed today.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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-3F leaving the parking lot at 1100 this morning. Warmed slightly thru the day to 9 above at 3pm. Winds were very light all day. Some instability showers produced about an inch of snow throughout the daylight hours.

Snow surface

8-12" low density powder over a semi- supportable melt freeze crust from 12/31(pre cold front). Crust disappears above about 2400' where 10-12" new snow sits on P+/ 1F slab.


Pit#1: 2260', west aspect, 22 deg slope. HS: 140cm. HN: 30cm.
ECTN12,16 below rain crust. Found solstice buried surface hoar down 60cm but not reactive. Note: rain crust is 3-4" thick. Moist snow below.

Pit #2: 3160', SW aspect, 28 deg slope. HS235cm, HN: 35cm.
ECTN26, ECTP24, 25 on solstice buried surface hoar down 60cm. We found the BSH in all our pits we dug but were getting mixed results in terms of reactivity. Where it did show energy to propagate, it took significant energy (4 and 5 taps from shoulder) to get it to react.

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