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Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Standard up track on Sunburst up to 3200′. Looking at the distribution and reactivity of the 1/21 Buried Surface Hoar (MLK Jr BSH) layer within different elevation bands on the non-motorized side.

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Observer Comments

None observed

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Low 20s
Clear-Few Sky above 2k
Broken Valley Fog 2k-1k, dropping throughout the day
No Precip
Calm-Light winds

Snow surface

Road to ~ 1700: Up to 6" soft new unconsolidated snow, increasing as elevation increases atop of a thick supportable rain crust.
~2100: Crust below the soft new snow becomes less supportable, decomposing.
~2600: Loss of crust interface, becomes a wind layer beneath the soft new snow.


The MLK Jr Day (1/21) BSH layer was found in all the test pits dug between 2200' and 3200'. In all 6 pits there was no propagation propensity.

Starting at 2200' - We found the MLK Jr BSH (7-10mm) buried 18" (45cm) down and could get a collapse but no propagation. 2"(5cm) above the MLK Jr BSH, there was a melt freeze interface that was non-reactive. HS:175cm CT22, ECTN23, PST end 80/100 45 cm down
~2900'- We found the MLK Jr BSH buried 12" (30cm) down and could get a collapse but no propagation.
~3200'- We found the MLK Jr BSH (3-7mm) buried 16" (40cm) down and could get a collapse but no propagation. HS: 195cm CT20, ECTX

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