Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Standard route up Sunburst to about 3400′ (2nd bump).

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

none except old slides on Tincan, Sunburst, and Pastoral

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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clear and cold. Down valley wind in Taylor creek drainage but relatively light winds on the ridge. Valley fog all day with an inversion most prominent above 2300'. Temps at the lot was 10 degrees F and up on the ridge in the teens.

Snow surface

Widespread surface hoar all the way up. At valley bottom very well developed thick layers to smaller and thinner at the summit. Rain crust from the New Year's storm is starting to deteriorate and is breakable below about 1800'. Day before this crust was skier supportable for most of this zone.
On steeper slopes (35-40*) snow is starting to sluff more than the previous day.


did not do any stability tests or hand pits. Biggest thing of note was the continued faceting of the upper layer and the deterioration of the crust down low

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