Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Sunburst parking (1000’) lot to 3700’ on Ridge. Skied SW aspect to Valley floor.
Hiked with skis on pack from 1500’ to parking lot.

Overcast, no precip, temps in the low to high 20s F, calm winds

Obvious Signs Of Instability
Recent Avalanches-NO
Shooting Cracks-NO

Surface Observations
We have been mapping the snow surface in anticipation of the next precip/loading
event. Surface hoar resting on 10-15cm of light density snow is fairly uniform
above 2,000’. Winds have been very minimal since the last snowfall, which has
allowed the 10-15cm of newest snow to remain intact. Conditions for surface
hoar growth has been sufficient but not perfect. As a result the largest
surface hoar we have observed this week has been 5mm and on average around 2mm.

1,000-1,500’-very thin, skiing not recommended
1,500-2,000’-10-15cm (4-6”) of light density snow sitting on a 15-20cm (6-8”)
thick supportable crust
2,000-3,400’-10-20cm (4-8”) of light density snow sitting on a 20-35cm (8-12”)
thick supportable crust
3,400-3,700’-100-150cm (40-60”) total snow depth, on average

Snow below the surface
Today we dug in the higher elevations, above 3,500’ for the first time this
year. Snow depths along Sunburst Ridge on the South side average around 130cm.
Snow depths diminish quickly as you descend. The general set up of the
snowpack in starting zones is “right side up”, with no significant layers of
concern. The crust that formed from rain around 11/18 is barley detectable
(<5mm) above 3,500’ and non existent at 3,700’

Pit #1 at 3,700’ (see pit profile)

Pit #2 at 3650’ (see photo).
SW aspect, 32* slope. Total snow depth was 125 cm (4ft) in a location 50 ft
below the ridge on Sunburst. The snow depth was representative of the slab at
that elevation. Found a very thin rain crust from Nov.18th event, at about 35 cm
below the surface. Overall the snow pack had good structure with little energy
and only a slight weakness found just above the Nov.18 rain crust. – ECTN24Q3.
We found some rounding facets mixed with moist rounds at ground level.

Photos & Video
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