Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Toured to 3200′ on Sunburst via the standard up track

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Minor natural roller ball activity

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sunny with some high clouds
Calm winds
Temperatures in the high 40Fs at 1000' and in the mid 30Fs at 3000'
No precip

Snow surface

1000-1300' unsupportable melt freeze grains, boot pen full leg
1300'-1500' slightly more supportable melt freeze grains, boot pen to knee
1500'-1700' crushable melt freeze crust, boot pen just the foot part of boot
1700'-2000' crushable melt freeze crust with 1-3 cm of dry snow
2000'-3200' solid melt freeze crust with 5-15 cm of dry snow
Upper elevation dry snow was getting more and more damp throughout the day, minor skier triggered roller ball activity
The snow surface gained a sheen as the day processed. There was water dripping out of the mini cornice along the lower Sunburst ridge


Dug at 3200' on a SW aspect, 20 degree slope. 65 cm pit. 15 cm of dry snow (this is new snow from last night,10 cm on top of snow from Sunday 5 cm) on a 25 cm stout MF crust over more MF grains. The 15 cm of dry snow sheared easily in shovel tilt tests and produced a CT 13 SC x 2. ECTX and was non reactive in slope testing. This set-up could be triggered as wind slab in areas that are more wind loaded, steeper and unsupported.

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