Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Road Obs

Route & General Observations

Drove through Summit between 2:30 – 3pm to look for recent avalanches post New Years Storm. Found evidence (debris and filled in crowns) from numerous D2 (large) avalanches. These were all on South to West aspects.

Unusual wind loading patterns were noticeable on the far Southern end of Summit Lake. The South facing slopes of Tenderfoot and Butch were scoured to the ground. East aspects looked to have more coverage than their usual wind scoured look, but couldn’t see many of East facing slopes from road level.

Many Northern aspects across the entire Summit zone were visually wind scoured and thin and West aspects looked pretty fat and loaded – which is typical.

The snowpack looks visually thinner on the far Southern end of Summit Lake near Tenderfoot compared to the Northern side near Moose Mt.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Numerous D2 avalanches occurred during or near the end of the New Years Storm
-Moose Mt West aspect - all prominent gullies filled w debris and several filled in crowns visible
-Moose Mt South aspect- two crowns between 2500' - 3500'
-W facing terrain between Wilson's N and Wilson's South ridges - most recent looking crown
-Butch SW shoulder "Incredibles" crown ~2500'
-Tri-Tip W aspect - all prominent gullies filled with new debris

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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5F along the road
Calm winds
Clear skies

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