Avalanche: Summit

Location: Summit Ridge

Route & General Observations

Toured up through the trees and alders along the summertime FS trail. As we cleared alder line at 11:00a, we saw a small/moderate sized wet loose avalanche come off the rocks above us. We had expected to have another couple hours before seeing that kind of activity. After a lot of discussion, we decided we should have got an earlier start on the day and bailed out. When we got back to the truck we saw that there were many new wet loose avalanches along the entire southeast face of Summit. All looked to be R1-D1, might have been one that was D1.5. We were surprised to see all of this happen before noon, but looking back we should have expected the combination of barely below freezing overnight temps, clear sky, and easterly aspect to bump up the timeline of solar effects.

Avalanche Details
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Trigger NaturalRemote Trigger0
Avalanche Type Wet Loose SnowAspect Southeast
Elevation 3500ftSlope Angleunknown
Crown DepthunknownWidthunknown
Vertical Run 300ft  
Avalanche Details

04/07/2018 11:00a: WL-NL-R1-D1.
This collections of pinwheels and roller balls started from a band of rocks a couple hundred feet above us, and ran down to about the level of our skin track, but on the other side of a slight terrain feature.

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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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0945: At the truck in the shade. 0 C, clear sky, calm winds, no precip.

1015: 2000' in the sun. 5 C, clear sky, calm winds, no precip.

1100: 3100' in the sun. 5 C, clear sky, light winds out of the north, no precip.

Snow surface

2cm sun crust over 5cm new snow. Sitting over bombproof crust from last week.


No formal pit or tests conducted. Did not investigate beneath the hard crust under new snow.

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