Observation: Summit

Location: Summit - Manitoba

Route & General Observations

Obvious Signs of Instability
Recent Avalanche Activity: none observed
Shooting Cracks: none observed
Collapsing: none observed

Partly Sunny becoming cloudy
Calm wind
Temps high teens to low 20s F
No precipitation

Surface Observations
10cm low density snow under very slight melt/freeze crust 1500-1800.
20cm low density snow 1800-2300. Places with wind effect had variable surface conditions.

Snowpack Observations
We dug a pit at 2300ft, and found 50cm of increasingly dense snow above a drizzle crust, that is sitting on very weak facets. The facets are 2mm in size, chained, and are very loose/weak grains (fist hardness). ECT results show propagation potential below the crust, with the crust stuck on the bottom of the slab, and sudden collapse within the facets. Indicating the potential for fracture propagation across large areas with the right trigger or a thin location in the slab. These facets are also sitting on a 1cm melt-freeze crust above yet more 2mm basal facets.
Also found a small discontinuous layer of surface hoar 15cm below the surface.

Pit Info: See Photo
SW aspect
HS= 75cm
ECTP14 SC 2mm facets 50cm depth
ECTP18 SC 2mm facets 50cm depth
PST 27/100 (end) 50cm down

Photos & Video
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