Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Lake (summit Peak on east aspect..

Route & General Observations

Here are some new natural avalanches that occured during storm some others to
the North went to the ground as well in steep terrain. Most went to the ground
on Facet Layer. A few are on new shallow slab release.

Some changes with the slab above the facets since the last time I looked. at
lower elevations there is a rain crust about 10″ down on old/new snow layer
below 1800 feet above that it goes away. The slab beneath new layer(s) has
become much stiffer (1F–1F+) this sits on the facet/Depth Hoar layer still see
lines in the crystals at the bottom. This layer is 8-10″ deep and fails at the
slab/facet interface fairly easy with some troubling results. ECT 10-14
depending on location full propagation with slipping off slowly. Not as much
whumphing or cracking with the harder slab but this could cause problems for
people who are skiing untill they have a Bullseye signs. This slab may just
fail without warning. Unstable conditions still. Weather was sunny with
minimal windloading. Upper elevations have some areas of shallow slab but for
the most part failing on or near the ground still!

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