Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Lake area

Route & General Observations

March 2,3,4 in Summit Lake area:
Avalanche Activity observed March 4: multiple loose snow avalanches to D2 on
steep solar effected aspects to about 4500′. One fresh natural size 2 slab
avalanche across from Gilpatricks on ESE aspect about 3000′ started mid start
zone, ran to top of runout.
Friday on lower eastern slopes of Colorado Peak: good quality skiing, 20cm ski
pen sticking to old snow. In openings at 1850’hard shear identified down 65cm,
Q2 RP on small facets above a pencil plus hard layer. HS 160cm
Saturday on west/southwest slopes of Tenderfoot: good quality skiing 20cm ski
pen. In opening at 2000′ RB6 down 65cm Q2 RP on small facets above a melt freeze
crust. HS 235cm
Sunday on east slopes of Fresno below 3000′: good quality skiing 30cm ski pen,
some surface ski sluff on slopes >40 degrees. On east aspect effected by
previous north wind, 2500′, 41 degree slope: ECTP21 down 40cm on small facets
sitting on old hard windslab, Q2 RP. HS 220cm