Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Avalanche activity was seen at the start of the week on West aspects in many of
the gullies in the area. The natural avalanche activity seemed to be
concentrated on this aspect. No other evidence of avalanche activity was seen
on any of the other aspects in the Summit Lake Area area.
On Wednesday a skier reported 2 medium size whumphs on low angle terrain around
3000′ level on Manitoba (West aspect).

Mountain Weather:
Storm cleared on Wednesday giving us clear sky and temperatures in the mid to
upper 20’s.
Fresno Ridge: Temperatures in the mid to upper 20’s with winds N-NNE 10-20mph
with gust to 37mph.
Summit Lake: Snow Depth: 4″ at valley bottom Temperatures in the 20’s.

Overall conditions still remain icy at lower elevations with significant
increase in snow depth above 2500′ level. Wind loading has occurred on South
and West facing slopes at upper elevations.

Take a look at my observation for Russian Lakes Trail. No snow at valley
bottom but one avalanche came down at the start of the week with debris 10-15′

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