Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Recent Avalanche Activity: Yes (2 on Moose Mt and 2 on Butch near Lower Summit
Lake) All ran 50 to 75 percent of slide path in channeled gullies.

Fresno Ridge (3440ft elev.)
Temperature: 28F
Winds: NE 20-30mph with a max gust of 55mph out of the NE.

Summit Lake Snotel site:
Temperature:35F Rain (0.5″ of Rain)
Snow line was around 2000′ give or take.

Overall natural avalanches are on West facing gullies and loading zones on the
North half of the area. These avalanches appear to be relatively shallow from
recent wind loaded slopes that may have got rained on. They ran down as far as
the top of lower angled slopes. (See below for photos of many of the avalanches
observed today).

As far as the rest of the area little to no snow at lower elevations with
shallow snowpack up high. Winds over the past week have been 20-30 mph out of
the NE which has kept many slopes bare at higher elevations.

Photos & Video
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