Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Colorado Peak

Route & General Observations

Clear sunny weather, with strong inversion pattern. Overall very good skiing on supportable base with 1-3″ on Facets and surface hoar on top.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

Clear sunny, roughly 0ºF at trailhead and 20ºF at 2900'. No wind.

Snow surface

Surface hoar on top gradually diminishing in size up to 2900' where it disappeared.


3 pits at 2900' in a slightly windloaded spot, revealed 1-2" of facets on top of 1F to P hard rounds all the way to the ground. The facets layer were not well bonded to underlying rounds/windslabs and easily scraped off. No other results in stability tests. HS 90-160 cm.

3 pits at 2000' revealed a mixed bag of results with some CT's failing on basal facets, others roughly 30 cm from top (old windslab interface?), no failures around the Dec. 1 raincrust was observed. Overall moderate to high strength, low propagation propensity, moderate to poor structure at this elevation.