Observation: Summit

Location: Sugar Ridge, Near Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Obscured skies when we arrived, significant gusts of winds which seemed to die
down until we gained the ridge–wind out of the north. Light snow falling on
arrival, medium snow on departure, temps in the low to mid 30s. Mid day the sun
came out but disappeared as the next wave of weather rolled in.

Recent avalanche high on the ridge above treeline. no cracking, whoomping or
collapsing during approach.

great skiable snow on top of a hard crust. up high on ridge out of treeline,
crust and soft snow transforming to crust. Due to CNFAIC advisory kept angles
low and stayed in safe terrain.

Many thanks to the CNFAIC staff, CNFAIC volunteers and folks who contribute
observations. Your diligence allows safe play in the mountains.

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