Observation: Turnagain

Location: Spokane Creek

Route & General Observations

Toured up the lower portion of Lipps and then into Spokane Creek. Visibility was in and out throughout the day so we just toured up the valley to about 3000′ and skied back down.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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It snowed lightly throughout the day. Visibility ranged from total whiteout to broken skies. Temperatures were in the 20s with calm to light winds.

Snow surface

Below 2500' there was about 6-10" of soft snow on the surface. The alders were ski-able, but there were some sketchy sections where the branches were just below the surface and you could easily hook a tip.

Above 2500' there was a mix of soft snow, wind effected snow, and some areas with melt freeze crust on the surface.


We dug some pits at 2100' on the SW shoulder of Lipps. The snowpack was about 3' deep with soft snow on the surface that gradually got firmer with depth. We did not find any alarming weak layers and did not have any propagation on our extended column tests.

Higher alpine areas were much more variable, with snowpack depths ranging from 6" to 4'+. In the shallower areas there was weak faced snow on the ground. We decided to forgo our ski objective because of time constraints and the snowpack was becoming much more variable as we climbed up a ridge line.

Photos & Video
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