Observation: Summit

Location: Spiritwalker near Manitoba

Route & General Observations

skinned to about 2400 feet on Spiritwalker. about an inch of fresh snow at mile
48 trailhead, 2 inches at Juneau creek and 6 inches at 2400 feet. New snow not
adhesive to older solid layer underneath. Great skiing up top but as I dropped
down about 1700 feet or so I was skiing snow on grass. At one point my ski
torpedoed a grass clump and I came to sudden stop. On the road down and up from
Juneau creek there is significant overflow. It had an inch or snow on top of it
when I skied down up but on returning I had issues with water on skins.
Significant clumping. Temps in low 30s below freezing on arrival, cloudy and no
wind. After skiing, temps above freezing and sunny. No wind.