Observation: Summit

Location: South Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Route: Weather station mission 5 miles South of Summit Lake (ADOT&PF’s Mile 37 station).

COLD, overcast and breezy. Temps single digits at all elevations (3700′ high point). Winds Northeast at
5mph with stronger gusts. A few very small snow crystals fell from the low clouds – breaking news!

It seems the North and Easterly winds did not do too much damage in the Summit Lake region.

No recent avalanches or signs on instability.

Dust on crust conditions prevail above 1,500′. More specifically, 2-4″ of faceted snow sits on top of a hard
melt-freeze crust. Did not dig under the crust but poking with a pole can tell you that the pack is a mixed
bag of facets and crusts (rotting thin snowpack). Snow depths look to be roughly 1-3′ from 1,500′ and above.

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