Observation: Other Regions

Location: South Fork, Eagle River, Two Bowls

Route & General Observations

Location: South Fork, Eagle River, Two Bowls (main lookers left drainage off of Harp Mtn; also known as
Elevation: 4400′
Aspect: W
Slope Angle: 32 deg.
Tests: HS=70cm. I conducted one compression test with the results of CTN22Q2 at 30cm down from
the top of the column. This failed on a faceted layer, most likely the wind slab/old snow interface that
developed during the prior cold snap. We skied the slope, and practiced good travel techniques by
skiing one at a time and skiing to safe spots.
Terrain: top of ridge
Avalanche Activity: extent of blowing snow was moderate, with moderate wind speeds. observed active
windloading, with primary direction of wind from the S-SE.
Observer’s Comments: Current danger rating consistent with Moderate, with increasing danger
due to active wind loading of available low density snow. I will have concerns with the poor structure of this snowpack should we get a warm wet storm,
or added stress due to windloading. I will certainly approach this area with caution due to the new
formation of soft slabs.

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