Avalanche: Hatcher Pass

Location: South facing chute on Skyscraper

Route & General Observations

South side shoulder skyscraper

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Forecaster Comments

Human triggered wet slab occured at 11:45am. Person skied slope, triggered wet-loose, got to bottom and then saw a large wet-slab occur. No one was caught, carried , or injured. Barely crust conditions at the top. Person said the snow did not "feel mushy" or "too soft" while descending down slope, maybe penetrating 6". Did Not observe collapsing, cracking, or whumping on slope prior to avalanching.

Avalanche Details
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Trigger SnowboarderAvalanche Type Wet Slab
Aspect SouthElevation 4200ft
Slope Angle 34degCrown Depth 24in
Width 30ftVertical Run 500ft
Avalanche Details

At 1145 I kicked off some wet loose which triggered a failure that ran to the ground. The slide ran about 30 seconds after I stopped further down the apron. Definitely didn't see anything chasing me on the ride down. Didn't feel anything funky. Guessing slow moving roller balls/sluff finally sat on a weak spot and triggered a persistent layer?? The failure point was planar above a convexity.

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Observer Comments

Boots broke through the crust and went about 6 inches. Snow was just turning wet. No roller balls or other releases that looked fresh.

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Sunny light breeze

Snow surface

Transitioning from freeze crust to wet

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