Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Snowbird

Route & General Observations

Approximately 125 cm snow depth on/off glacier around 5,500 ft ASL. 25 – 30 cm of new snow; with widespread point releases confined to new snow. Widespread surface hoar on 10/31 up to 1 cm. Some, but not all surface hoar knocked over by wind on Wed night. Widespreading flagging on peaks/ridge on Thurs. Small drift development with cracking noted in drifts.

— Pit
Elevation: 5,600 ft.
Angle: 31 degrees.
Aspect: NE.
Depth Pit: 100 cm.
Depth Snowpack: 125 cm.
ECTN24 40 cm down on BSH underlying harder 2 finger snow.
Knife hard snow from 100 – 125 cm.