Observation: Portage / Placer

Location: Skookum Glacier

Route & General Observations

A couple pits in a very wide NE couloir above the Skookum. Generally very dense and uniform snow in couloir. It had slid at some point, so the snowpack there is not completely representative of the area; but was also part of why we skied it. Very large debris piles from huge natural avalanches within the last month. Extremely poor lighting/vis. We were able to pry out intact extended columns after each test; I’ve included a picture of that. Also included is a picture of the current conditions of the approach to the Skookum :)

— Pit #1 —
HS: 300 cm
HP: 150 cm
Elevation: 2,200 ft
CT24 Q3 @ 35 cm, no identifiable weak layer

— Pit #2 —
HS: greater than 450 cm
HP: 150 cm
Elevation: 3,500 ft

Photos & Video
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