Observation: Turnagain

Location: Silvertip creek, Twin tip region

Route & General Observations

We dug in on this east facing slope at 1800 feet. Total height of the snow was
150 cm (5 feet). In general the snowpack is hard and strong with the exception
of the base 25cm at the ground and the powder at the surface. We performed a CT
test, with the column collapsing suddenly 3cm on isolation. This means that no
force was needed to initiate a collapse, we simply needed to cut the block free
with the saw.
A propagation saw test had similar results with the lower weak layers collapsing
the full length of the column after cutting the weak layer 40cm. Score PST
40/125. CTV SC (Q1)

All the pit investigations support the conclusion that avalanches are becoming
more difficult to trigger, but if it happens it will be very large.

Photos & Video
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