Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sharks Fin

Route & General Observations

Sharks Fin from Eddies parking lot

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Other than glide cracks opening on Seattle ridge, no signs of instability were observed

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Broken clouds -> over cast by mid afternoon, temps around 0*C, no wind

Snow surface

~20cm of near surface facets with surface hoar between 2 and 6 mm developing. Several hand pits on west and north aspects produced SC on the boundary between last weekends storm and the March drought surface. Sun crust on southerly aspects.


Pit 1: 550m, NE aspect, 23* slope, HS = 220. Primary layers of concern were facets from March drough 20cm from surface (CT 17 SC) and buried surface hoar 80 cm from surface (CT 21 SC). ECTX for these same layers.