Observation: Turnagain

Location: seattle ridge

Route & General Observations

Route: Seattle ridge with level one avalanche class

Weather: Amazing. 30F air temp, clear skies, light winds.

Red flags to instability:
Recent avalanches: no
Cracking: no
Collapsing: no
Weather effects: neutral, though plumes of snow were observed off ridegtops in the Kickstep to Lipps
area of Turnagain Pass.

Snowpack observations: A really fun 15 cm of light density snow made of up a crazy complex of
different crystals (see attached photo). This is overlying very strong snow all the way to the ground.
Snowpit profile is not included as it is unremarkable. The surface snow photo (top 12 cm of snowpack)
is merely a fun and interesting talking point, which is why this observation is being shared.


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