Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge, Repeat Offender slide path

Route & General Observations

Tour up to Seattle Ridge and took a look at the current conditions on the repeat offender slide path.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Gusty afternoon easterly winds began transporting snow along the ridgeline an onto leeward slopes.
Otherwise no red flags seen.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Overcast skies, cold temperatures (~10F) and light west winds until 2pm when the wind switched to easterly and began to increase.
No precipitation.

Snow surface

Around 4" of new low density snow from overnight. Became wind affected along ridgeline.


We found a stable snowpack in the area we traveled. Between 2,200' and 2,500' the top 15" was very loose snow (great skiing). Under this was another 15-17" of stiffer snow (4 finger to 1 finger). This all sat on a hard melt freeze crust over the ground around a foot thick. No weakness was seen in the snow above the crust. Dug 2 pits:

Pit #1 @ 2,200' East facing, 20 deg slope, snow depth 120cm (3.5 ft)
ECTN 13 and 11 on the Solstice buried surface hoar which was intermixed with preserved stellar crystals. Layer was 40cm (15") deep.

Pit #2 @ 2,400' East facing, 34 deg slope, snow depth 145cm (4.5 ft)
ECTN 9 and 11, CT 9 on same layer, Solstice buried surface hoar which was intermixed with preserved stellar crystals

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