Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge, Main Bowl

Route & General Observations

Route: Snowmachine uptrack to Main Bowl – 900′-2,800′

Weather: 2 inches of new snow from the morning. Clouds cleared by noon with
sunny skies most of the day. Temperatures in the mid teens. Winds were light
from the NE. Valley fog moved in around 3pm.

Signs of Instability:
None. No recent avalanches, no collapsing and no cracking.

Surface of snowpack is 30-40cm of low density snow from 2/7 storm and 2
additional inches from this morning’s showers. There is a thin layer of 5mm
surface hoar inter mixed between today’s snow and 2/7 snow. The loose snow sits
on a very thick (70cm – see photo) and strong melt-freeze crust. In the areas we
visited today the 2/7 snow was showing signs of bonding with crust underneath.
We could not initiate any slabs or loose snow avalanches. This was different
than in other areas on the Pass (i.e. Tincan) where we found reactive facets in
between the 2/7 storm snow and crust. It seems there is quite a bit of
variability in the bonding with the crust from ridge to ridge.

Skiing/riding conditions:
Fun light powder but hitting the crust underneath easily.

Photos & Video
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