Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge Common Uptrack

Route & General Observations

Observers: Katie Strong, Susan Goodwin, Ryan Dougherty, Sean Lowther, Tyler Bieneman

Weather: 30 deg F, slight rain noted at parking lot, otherwise no active precipitation. Broken Sky,
Light winds from the N and NE.
Red Flags: New active glide cracks within last 24 hours, including a release on Seattle Ridge at 2200
Surface Observations: Wet smooth snow surface with rain crust in parts the skin track.
Snow Observations: 6 Pits were dug at 2100 feet, on a Southeast aspect, slope angle 30 degrees,
Height of Snowpack (HS) 60 to 80 cm.
Stability Tests with results: ECTN12, CT29 Q2 at ground, CT26 RP at 40 cm, CT16 RP at 40 cm,
CT15 BRK at 40 cm. Otherwise all stability tests were non-reactive, and it showed an overall stable
and strong snowpack with a wet melt freeze layering.
Other Notes: One student noticed flowing water at ground level of their pit.

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