Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge

Route & General Observations

Skinned from Tincan parking lot to standard Seattle Ridge up-track out along the ridge past weather station through ‘Little Sweden’ and continued almost to Pyramid into ‘God’s Country’ then descended back to the Hwy. Good shrubbery adventure at the bottom before hitting the power line.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed. Tried to get whumpfs and cracks but nothing budged.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear & sunny
20Fs on the ridge
6 degrees upon return to vehicle

Snow surface

4-6 mm surface hoar
faceting soft settled snow
deteriorating (faceting) wind crust and sastrugi
rime crust near wx station and along ridge towards the Arm


Average 2-3 ft of snow along the ridge, variable with wind distribution
1-2 ft at lower elevations, skis sinking through facets to the ground around 1200'
Evidence of old slide activity in a few spots.
Multiple hand pits and quick pits showed all the snow is in the process of faceting due to the cold temps. Old melt freeze crusts and layers are breaking down. Wind crusts and slabs are as well. Did not find the November 16th layer. No remarkable test results. Good to get inventory of snow depths and surface conditions prior to next storm that hopefully allows the moto side to open.

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