Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle ridge

Route & General Observations

T Pass moto lot to Seattle ridge weather station via common uptrack then ridge North.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Glides, glides, everywhere there are glides! Saw 3 glide cracks I'd classify on the larger side that have released over the last few days (Lipps, Seattle ridge and Skookum). Countless others are littered throughout the Turnagain pass zone with an xtra large glide crack visible from the highway if you look up (lookers left) into Tincan trees. Steer clear of this and all glide cracks for that matter!

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Warm. 36 degrees at 1K. Sustained winds 15-20mph on the ridge from the east. Visibility was broken, in and out but mostly out.

Snow surface

At 1K: Surface is very moist and not supportable with boot pen.
At 1700': Thin breakable ice lens that crowns the very moist snowpack.
Above 1800': Wind packed, dense powder slowly drying out with elevation. Snow surface is damp up to ~2300'.


Informal snowmachine stability tests on small wind lips (no consequence terrain) showed a very low energy snowpack with minimal cracking. No obvious signs of instability observed. Though intense precip rates yesterday afternoon, observations today are pointing toward a snowpack that is gaining strength quickly.

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