Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge

Route & General Observations

Seattle Ridge to 3000′

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

some active, but harmless point releases in the 1-2" of new snow. (See pictures)

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temps: 30's in the sun
Wind: Calm
Sky: Partly Sunny with periods of dense cloud cover
Precip: None

Snow surface

No snow until about 1400'
1500- 2500': 1cm of snow on supportable surface crust. In the late afternoon the new snow was very moist. Nice spring skiing!
Above 2500': 1" of new snow on variable surface (both supportable and non-supportable surface.) Ski pen 4" in places where the crust is not supportable. Funky skiing at this elevation band.


We dug in two pit locations (two pits in each location) on a SE aspects at 3000', Both site were adjacent to a natural avalanche that still visible from Feb.22. See photo diagram for specific locations.

Site #1 was in a loaded area with HS≈200cm. The weak (facet) layer was 60-75cm (24-28") below the surface and the test results showed good stability overall. A sun crust/facet combo was found in one of the two pits and produced an an ECTP24 (RP) and an ECTX, The second pit did not have a sun crust and ECTX x2. Facet layer was 1F hard.
Site #2 was in a thinner area of the snowpack on Seattle Ridge. HS≈120cm and slab depths were 15-20cm (6-8".) Test results showed easy to moderate propagation potential. Test scores were ECTP13 and 14 (RP) 20cm below the surface on a facet/sun crust combo, and ECTP2 and 3 (RP) 15cm below the surface on facet/suncrust combo. Below the sun crust was a pencil hard (old wind slab) sitting on 4F hard facets. Below the facets was a knife hard melt/freeze crust from January. See picture for details.

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