Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge

Route & General Observations

A look at the Seattle Ridge side of Turnagain Pass.

Clear and windy with a few clouds. Wind gusting moderate to strong from the West
on peaks and ridges. Many plumes and snow devils.

Signs of instability:
-Cracking in recent wind deposited snow.
-One collapse felt where pit was dug (2700ft NE, see picture below). We had a
hard time determining where this collapse took place. Most suspect was facets
below a thin crust existing ~12″ down and between the Nov 10 and 21 storm
interface. However, crust did not exist in pit 10-15ft away. (Alaska!)

Recent avalanches:
A few shallow foot deep D1-2 wind slab avalanches on Seattle Ridge (picture
below). All had an easterly component and were 3,000′ and above.

Snowpack: Lots of wind effect above treeline.
-Wind effected areas are anything from scoured to the ground to breakable wind
crust to 3′ deep hard wind slabs. Very variable snow conditions in these winded
-In sheltered areas with little wind effect the pack is essentially slowly
deteriorating into one very non-cohesive layer of faceted snow. Boot penetration
= snow depth, more or less. Similar to Kevin’s profile from Sunburst at similar
elevation on Nov 27th.

Observed hazard:
LOW with pockets of MODERATE for fresh wind slabs on upper elevation steep

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