Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge

Route & General Observations

We rode around Seattle Ridge and skied a few runs in the back bowls today. We dug one pit on top of the Repeat Offender avalanche path and liked what we saw. It’s starting to look like the buried crust/face layer in the Girdwood and Summit zones might be a bit more concerning than in Turnagain Pass. This weekend’s storm is looking like it may be a good test. The one thing we saw today that we were not too excited about was a large glide crack opening up right above the main uptrack on the front side. These have been very active lately, and we’re hoping people will move quickly traveling under that thing.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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There was a low-level cloud that topped out right in the middle of the uptrack this morning, with mostly sunny skies above the cloud. Winds were calm and temps were cold. It was beautiful.

Snow surface

6-8" or so of new snow from the most recent storm, with another 6-12" settling powder below that. There is a fresh round of surface hoar on the surface now.


(See attached photos for detailed snowpack info)
We dug one pit right above the Repeat Offender path (east aspect, 2850 ft elev.). We did not get any concerning test results, and the layer of snow above the Thanksgiving crust was not at all alarming in this pit. It was very encouraging to see.

Photos & Video
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