Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge

Route & General Observations

Sunny, cold (-9F at parking lot), wind 0-5mph.

Signs of instability:
Recent Avalanches (today) – NO
Collapsing – NO, but reports yesterday of large whumphs just outside of Eddies lot and the lower NW
shoulder of Magnum.
Cracking: No

Yesterday’s avalanche activity:
Several small skier triggered soft slabs on Sunburst and Tin Can both. All appear to be failing on the
weak layer above the widespread crust, directly below the weekend storm snow.

2-3mm surface hoar observed in the Seattle ridge area on top of this past weekend’s storm snow. This
latest deposit continues to settle out and loose depth, though very little (if any) strength was added to
our overall snowpack today. Cold temperatures appear to be keeping this storm snow loose, not
allowing much of an interconnected slab to form on top of our widespread drizzle crust. Below the
crust exists a relatively uniform layer of very weak faceted snow. Total snow depth @ 2200’ on Seattle
Ridge was 60cm (~ 2 feet).

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