Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Creek

Route & General Observations

Mostly sunny skies and light ridgetop Southerly winds. Temperatures were in the mid 30’s at 2,500′ and mid 40’s at 1,000′ in the heat of the day.

We are happy to report that today we finally trouble-shot the wind direction problem at the Seattle Ridge weather station. It is now reading accurate wind direction!

Signs of instability:
We did see new snow sluffs from Friday’s few inches. See photo.

Snow Surface Conditions:
Above 2,000′ on the North side of the Pass was 2-3″ of dense soft snow from Friday the 18th. On the South side only a trace fell.

The surface snow became quite warm, wet and saturated by late in the day. Shaded slopes were able to stay relatively dry at the upper elevations. All in all, great springtime riding and skiing conditions were found in Seattle Creek.

Photos & Video
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