Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Creek Drainage

Route & General Observations

Rode a very similar route as last Sunday. Common up-track to -2 Bowl, -2 Bowl down into Seattle Creek. Crossed Seattle Creek and rode to top of Eastern exposure bowl, unsure of the name. No major signs of instability, some thermal induced sluffing from the sun. Had never riden the area so we went one at a time and maintained radio contact. Exited the area via -2 Bowl. Finished out the day messing around in Main Bowl, 2nd Bowl, and Little Sweden. Headed back down to the parking lot at 8pm. Another great March day!

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Sluffing on heavly sun exposed slopes.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Blue bird 25-35F. Calm winds everywhere.

Snow surface

Icy down low. Thicker 1-2” surface crust that could jerk a ski around. Snow below the crust seemed more consolidated than a from a few days ago. Crust never really thawed out.


Good coverage, some wind blown exposed areas.

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