Observation: Turnagain

Location: Road Observations and Lynx Drainage

Route & General Observations

A quick trip up the Lynx drainage to check on the snowpack on the South end of the advisory area. The most exciting thing we found today was during the drive conducting road ‘obs’. Which is a glide crack that is opening visibly by the day (photo below). This crack sits over popular snowmachining terrain. There are other glide cracks along Seattle Ridge to the North of the uptrack that threaten some areas of rideable terrain as well. A crack was seen on the West side of the Lynx drainage as well.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear, Cold, Calm.

-3F at the Johnson Pass trailhead. Temps warms slightly higher up in the trees into the +single digits, but it was a cold day.
Very light Northerly breeze in the upper Lynx drainage.

Snow surface

Roughly 8-14" of soft settled snow, that is becoming quite faceted, sits in the bottom of the valley. Scattered along ridgelines and cross-loaded on slopes are varying degrees of HARD wind slab and wind crust.


These old and hard wind slabs and crusts did not want to move and were welded into place.

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