Observation: Other Regions

Location: Ressurection Pass Swan Lake

Route & General Observations

Forest Service Cabin Crew reported an avalanche that had come down across trail
just before Swan Lake Cabin on Ressurection Pass Trail. This came down sometime
in the afternoon on Thurseday since cabin crew travelled thrue the area prior
to that time. For those familiar with the area it is on the trail as you come
out of the woods and cross an avalanche path that causes you to side hill just
before the cabin. Those riding in this area be aware that the trail is now
rough with avalanche debris. It is approximately 1/2 mile south of cabin.
Heads up for those of you who are going to Swan Lake or Devils Pass Cabin.
Slides are going on in many areas both natural and human triggered. Plan your
day since these seem to start comming down in the afternoon starting around 1PM
at lower elevations and hazard increases as temps warm through out the day.

Thank you Pat Cooke and Cabin crew for the info. Be safe everyone timing is
everything so plan accordingly and be conservative.