Observation: Turnagain

Location: Repeat Offender

Route & General Observations

Route: DOT snow stake lot (motorized side) following the common up-track to Seattle ridge. Dug a pit well
below the ridge at about 2,300’ on an east aspect.

Overcast with moderate winds form the northeast. Temperatures in the high 20’s

Signs of Instability:
Recent avalanches – NO
Collapsing – NO
Cracking – NO

Snow surface:
3-4” of new, fairly dense snow from the last 3 days making for fun and creamy, albeit a bit sticky turns.

This side of the highway has seen a bit more wind than the non-motorized side but we weren’t able to
initiate any wind slabs in the mid-elevations.

Snow depth at 2,300′: 70cm (~28”)

We found a generally stable snowpack exhibiting a fair to good structure, good strength and low energy.
Shallow wind slabs were not reactive for us today.

The Nov. 18th rain crust is roughly mid pack (30-40cm down from the surface). With a couple of ECT’s we
were able to get one propagation just above the rain crust with a significant amount of energy; ECTP31
(Boot stomp=1). We were also able to get the entire column to fail at the ground, again with significant
pounding on the column. The ground is still quite warm, slick and wet. All characteristics that COULD
support another glide avalanche cycle… Though time will tell.

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