Observation: Summit

Location: Raven's Ridge

Route & General Observations

Toured to 2600′ on Raven’s Ridge.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear, calm, gentle warming throughout day, 41 at parking lot at 2:30 pm.

Snow surface

aprox. 20 cm new snow going facets over supportable presidents day crust at road level.


2170' W aspect Hand shear easy on facets between dbl P Day crust. (Another hand shear same elevation HS hard on same layer.) Obvious facets between crusts. Total snowpack depth 155cm.
2360' P day crust basically gone. Replaced by thin windslab
2400' Hand shear hard on Jan facets
2 pits at 2600
(See profile for West aspect.) N aspect had same profile but with a wind slab on top. ECTP11,CTVE, CT4, on windslab over NSF.
Jan facets less cohesive in this pit but there were no test results below the surface windslab.

Photos & Video
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