Observation: Summit

Location: Raven Ridge

Route & General Observations

Route: Traveled from 1200ft to 3500ft on Raven Ridge

Sunny skies, temps in the low 20s F, and moderate to gusty winds at the ridge crest.
Minor blowing snow at ridges

No signs of Instability

Surface Conditions:
Some alder bashing required to get above treeline.
Mostly soft surface snow with a thin 2-4mm layer of surface hoar forming on the surface. At elevations
below 1600ft a slight temperature melt freeze crust is present and on direct south aspects there is a
sun crust.

Snowpack Observations:
We dug a pit near the ridge on a W aspect at 3400ft. (see photo)

The March storm snow has settled to 50cm of 4F to P hard snow over a very thin 5mm thick melt freeze
crust. Under this thin crust there is a layer weak snow consisting of mixed forms with some surface hoar
grains intermixed. The weak layer thickness varied from 2-5cm and was sitting on a crust sandwich
comprised of 5cm weak faceted snow between the February melt freeze crust and the January melt
freeze layer.

Skiing Conditions:
Great soft snow on W aspects and thin breakable sun crust on south aspects.

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