Observation: Girdwood

Location: Raggedtop East Bowl

Route & General Observations

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Skinned up the East bowl of lower Raggedtop from Crow Creek Rd. Found debris, broken trees and buried alders as low as 1700′. The debris was covered in wet snow and appeared to be old, likely from the end of the Holiday storm cycle. The crown was no longer visible, likely filled back in with 2.7″ of snow water equivalent recorded in Girdwood Valley over the weekend.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No current signs of instability were observed, only evidence of a very large avalanche that likely occurred near the end of Holiday storm cycle. Debris was covered in wet snow and became harder to identify as we gained altitude. The damage from surrounding trees in the entire bowl was the most obvious sign that this avalanche was very large and destructive.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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No precip
light winds

Snow surface

1000-1700' - wet, well drained snow
1700'-2500'- soft breakable crust w/ wet snow below
At 2500' - 2600' 1" curst on dry snow below
Wet snow and newly forming crust indicated rain/snow line fluctuated between 1800' - 2600'


Turned around at moraine pile at about 2600' and did not dig a pit due to never getting off of debris.
Debris was covered in wet heavy snow and was more difficult to see as we gained altitude. +10" of snow covering old debris at 2600'. At 1700' where mostly rain has fallen this week debris was still easy to identify.

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