Observation: Girdwood

Location: Raggedtop

Route & General Observations

Skinned up to the ridge on raggey bowl and poked out onto a ese slope, thinking about skiing back
down to the road.
We were at 2500′ ESE aspect, and down from the ridge on a 30-35deg slope. I planned to stay
mellow today and with winds picking up dug a quick pit down about 90cm to check the recent
storm snow. Upon isolating a column it fractured at 40cm (CT0? Not sure how to phrase that) Q1.
I then repeated with the same result: fracture and release at column isolation. I then cut the sides
but not back of a third column and got: CT6, Q3 @8cm, CT20 Q1 @40cm. The slab was
increasing from fist to 1F or pencil. There looked to be a 2cm crust that formed a bed surface.

This was a cross loaded slope. No cracking or other signs of instability. We skied the ridge to the
trees back by the skin track instead.) The wind picked up considerably from when we started