Observation: Girdwood

Location: Ragged Top and Goat Couloir

Route & General Observations

Approx. 13:00hrs, Sat. 1/25

Attached one pic of Ragged Top avy…sorry for mediocre pic.

A few minutes shy of 1pm today we witnessed this Ragged Top slide. Studied with
bino’s a while trying to figure out trigger. Slope had evidence of some wind
though no obvious wind activity in bino’s at time of slide…cautiously thinking
sun trigger?…you can see a point release looker’s right of the main slide in
the pic approx. mid-path…

As we stood around with the bino’s for a few minutes afterwards, we panned over
to Goat Couloir to witness a natural in motion. Probable wind trigger. Active
plumes on that ridge before/during/after slide. Didn’t get good enough pic.
Good crowns in bino’s…hard to say depth…5-10′?…

Hopin someone can tell me what month it is.


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