Observation: Girdwood

Location: Ragged Top

Route & General Observations

Standard route up ragged top to the moraine at 2400′. Thin coverage overall with lots of foliage poking up through the snow. Early season conditions exist. We found a few tasty turns up high but the ski quality was low.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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4" of snow at the road overnight. 8-10" of new from the last couple days at our high spot of 2400'. temps in the mid 20s. decreasing clouds throughout the day. winds were the main event today. north and west winds were moderate and strong at ridge tops, blowing the fresh light powder snow around.

Snow surface

dry powder snow that was being actively wrecked by the wind and blown away into the atmosphere.


a little less than a foot of new dry snow sitting on top of a rain/melt-freeze crust from last weeks warm up. below this the snowpack was upside-down with fist hard moist facets sitting on the ground. we were able to get repeatable hard propagating ect results on the ground, ectp21 and ectp22.

Photos & Video
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